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About DevSmith

DevSmith LLC was founded in 2015 by software architect & developer Kevin Smith after spending 15 years developing and supporting a startup business focused on eCommerce backoffice data management.

DevSmith Customized Software Solutions as functional growth tools.

The Early Days

This startup was formed in the late 90's at the advent of eCommerce and was one of the key leaders in the eCommerce software space for multi-channel merchants.

DevSmith, LLC Services.

Software Installation and Configuration

Since the sale of the startup, DevSmith has been involved in building numerous tools and automations for small businesses and aiding several clients, who have outgrown the former startup's software, with migration to new self built enterprise level software platforms.

DevSmith, LLC Services.

Software Design & Integration

Since 2015, DevSmith has been involved with:

  • • Application and database architecture, coding and delivery of several desktop applications, web based applications and automation systems.

  • • Direct responsibility for code development and testing using a variety of technologies

  • • Major data migrations as companies were added to the a parent corporate system

  • • Application deployments to end users, source code management and systems performace monitoring

  • • Hiring and training of multiple development teams in both the US and abroad

DevSmith, LLC Areas of Expertise.

Areas of Expertise

  • • WCF/Web Services

  • • Variety of web scripting languages (cold fusion, mivascript, asp, php,,, etc.)

  • • eCommerce

  • • Point of Sale

  • • Business Operations and Management

  • • Back Office Management

  • • Warehouse Management

  • • Inventory Management

  • • Hardware Integration

  • • Database Driven Applications

  • • Payment Processing Integration

  • • Shopping Cart Integration

  • • Carrier Integration

  • • Accounting System Integration

  • • PA-DSS

  • • Tax System Integration

  • • Project Management

  • • Internal/External Documentation

  • • Internal/External Training

  • • Customer Service, and more..

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user systems integration best practices.

As with all software development, eventually the tasks are completed and it is time to move on to new projects! Please reach out to us to discuss your next project. We'd like to build whatever your business needs to help it run more efficiently!

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