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Our Services

The service(s) provided by DevSmith, LLC will depend upon your specific business need. Some examples of services provided by DevSmith to our clients:

DevSmith, LLC Services.

Custom Computer Hardware

For clients with restricted access to computer shops, DevSmith, LLC can acquire computer hardware which can be built to your exact specifications and software requirements.

DevSmith, LLC Services.

Software Installation and Configuration

DevSmith, LLC can provide a technician to remotely handle software installation and configuration. In most cases this would involve software developed by DevSmith, LLC but is not limited to it. We have performed numerous installations of Microsoft Office, SQL Express and SQL Server along with numerous supporting applications such as SQL Server Management Studio and SQL Server Reporting Services.

DevSmith, LLC Services.

Software Support Services

DevSmith, LLC can provide software support and diagnostic services in an on demand capacity or via long term systems monitoring. In most cases this would involve software systems developed by DevSmith, LLC but is not limited to only those systems.

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user interface systems.

Custom user interfaces can be used to define the display and function of an element in the content authoring form. SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) covers both technical functionalities and their practical application, leveraging on transversal best practices and approaches, covering the entire life-cycle of a Report.

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